Our Projects

Supply of wipes and hygiene products in the US

Out of a growing demand and demand in the US market for private label antibacterial wipes, soaps and disinfectants wipes, We are working with several factories to ensure fast delivery and very large volumes.
Following the success, we also expanded the product basket to baby wipes, unique soaps and other baby products.

Supply of food products

out of a growing need and demand in the US market for food We decided to actively market products under custom branding of the main retailers in the USA,Europ and Australia.

Production of shade tents for youth movements

Sewing custom-made shade tents at a shade net factory in China. Characterization of the requirement, construction of drawings and a detailed product portfolio, including ordering samples and providing rejects and comments before going into production.

Purchased off-the-shelf products for the invention of a patent at the Technion's Institute for Research and Development

During the Corona period we provided procurement services in China for patented components of the Technion Institution for active protection of medical teams.

Castings of various metals for large companies

A large number of projects of various metal castings, including the production of a custom mold, the characterization of the alloy and shipping to customer warehouses in Israel / Europe.

In projects of this type we have saved tens of percent for the clients and they have been defined as great successes.

Construction of supply chains for medical protective equipment during COVID-19

Supply of masks, gloves, thermometers and more during the corona period on demand for government customers. Meeting the most challenging delivery times in a tough time, including coordinating special flights to meet destinations.

Rash - vest production for surf clubs

Custom production of t-shirt surfing shirts, locating factories, characterizing design and going into production. Tens of percent savings on previous costs. Classic textile project, made in China.

Construction of an efficient supply chain for factories made in Israel

Characterization of the scope of orders and specifications of raw materials of one of the largest factories in the country in the field of cleaning equipment.

Sending samples to our office in China and concentrating all orders in one place while saving tens of percent in the factory's fixed expenses.

The savings are derived from more professional shipping, negotiating with factories and new framework agreements.

Reducing the number of suppliers in order to produce a higher order volume in each factory – that is, working with a factory that knows how to produce several raw materials compared to working with a factory that produces only one material, so the order volume increases and costs can be reduced in negotiations.

Raw materials supply

Supply of raw materials, metals and chemicals to industry for large manufacturing plants in Israel, the United States and Australia.

Exclusive brand import 69SLAM

69SLAM was created in Bali, the unique clothing details have been created for all those looking for adventure, a free lifestyle and full of pleasure. The brand, which has been in existence for over 14 years, provides a wide range of clothing items for the whole family: men, women and children alike, combining accessories for the sea and the pool.


Establishment of a camping brand for travelers and youth movements

In an effort to give access to quality equipment at affordable prices, we established the GO-OUT brand.

Connecting to our hobby of promenades and getting to know our outdoor environment are part of us, in a world where some of the youth and older people tend to lock themselves in homes and take advantage of their free time for modern and technological games.

We believe that hiking and nature hobbies allow for better communication and a much enriching educational environment.

As graduates of youth movements and nature lovers, we decided to establish the brand out of a desire to make the world of camping accessible to every home in Israel and around the world.

Our products are sold in several chains in Israel, in Amazon stores and in the GO-OUT flagship store on the Internet.