Our Story

SYA Import and Trade International is a long-standing and well-known company in the field of import and international trade, the company was founded in 2003. The warehouses and management offices are located in Tirat Carmel City (industrial area).

Our company specializes in import and international trade and .supplying various of products according to customer needs.

The company has 4 international representations and offices in the countries: China-Chengdu, Turkey-Izmir, South Korea-Seoul and Sydney-Australia. Also, collaborations in other countries around the world.

The products come from a variety of factories around the world, SYA maintains close commercial relationships for many years with leading factories in the Far East, Europe and other countries around the world.

The company provides a variety of services along all, or part of the supply chain, starting from the product characterization phase, Finding a Reliable Source and the logistics to the customer's warehouses all over the world.

The company's services provide a solution for the largest companies in the economy as well as governments in Israel and around the world.

Our Vision

Excellence and Leadership - SYA works very hard to maintain its position as a leading import company in its field in Israel. As a leader, SYA believes in competitiveness that serves the client and brings real value to its services and every transaction in which it is involved.

Service and Responsibility - SYA believes that it is its duty to give every small and large client the comfort, peace and quiet in every transaction.

Growth – SYA believes in constant forward movement and consistent growth that serves the end consumer. Also technological growth and breakthroughs in the field of customer experience. All of this is realized in the company's expansion into parallel and additional areas of consumption and connection to new suppliers, manufacturers and brands that have not yet reached the markets in which the company operates.

Patriotism and love of the homeland – Love of the Land - SYA is a proud Israeli home and as such is involved and active in the community in constant contribution and action for society and the individual in Israel. We also believe in representing Israel in the world in the fields of education, technology and sports.

Personal example – SYA sets higher business standards both in its external actions and in the management of the organization internally. The company's employees are proud and satisfied and receive the respect they deserve out of a sincere and deep desire to create a better environment and state.

Nativ Strulov


An expert in the field of international import and trade, manages the company's representations around the world. In addition, the CEO of 69SLAM Israel, a partner in the tourism company Indotours, leads educational and technological projects and more.


Our partnership offices in the world

Mr. Akil Ulukaya

SYA Turkey
Izmir , Turkey

Mr. Keon Hee Yun

SYA Korea
KH Trend co. Ltd
SEOUL, Korea

Mr. Joshua Biggs

SYA Australia
Solitude Holdings
Sydney, Australia

Mr. Nativ Strulov

SYA Israel - Main Office
Haifa, Israel